Long Term Collaboration Opportunity on Nintendo Type Development

Vito Productions is a new division of our company that specialises in paramedical and sports applications. Data captured by user movement is transformed into sports-science analytics in the sports sector and game play in our paramedical sector.

We own our proprietary hardware for both types of applications.

We are currently looking to join forces in a long term relationship with a small team of developers (or individuals) to satisfy requirements from clients in the paramedical sector.

The age range of users is between 5 and 95. All have physical or mental health issues and lead sedentary lifestyles. Our hardware promotes exercise and activity which is rewarded through game play. The user IS the game controller and is fully immersed using limb sensors.

General Scope:

  1. A number of small, “infinite runner” type games will be required over a period of 6 months. Each will have it’s own, unique terrain and characters and be designed to run on 10" tablets with Android 5 or above…

  2. Games will last a maximum of 10 minutes each and will be updated on a weekly basis with “new episodes” (e.g. The Adventures of Oliver" etc) on storylines supplied by us. This is basic path and collider type work. The object of updating games is to encourage users to have something to look forward to each week in their hospital or Care Home environment.

  3. Game design should be primitive (think Nintendo) using simple bold shapes and colours.

  4. Character animation is currently limited to walk/run, wave, jump and grab (outstretched arm).

  5. A HUD is required showing distance travelled and number of waves, jumps and grabs. We may also introduce coins.

  6. Connection between our hardware and the app is via Bluetooth. We are currently using BT2 but will be upgrading shortly to BLE. Initial development should be on Bluetooth 2.

  7. A limited backend is required to store user data (about 10 fields in total) in CSV format.


  • An initial POC will be provided by the development team for comfort purposes and to set benchmarks on future quality.
  • Payment for each base game will be negotiated based on complexity.
  • Weekly updates will be paid through a profit sharing arrangement. Each update should quite quickly reach about 5,000 specialist establishments in the UK that each pay a small weekly update fee.The level of profit sharing is negotiable and should easily exceed £10k per month for the development team.
  • A formal contract will be awarded to the developer setting out obligations of both parties.


  • We already have a small game developed that can be used as an initial template. It is not perfect, but it covers all of the bases we require. In this respect we would anticipate a fast turnaround for the initial POC from the developer.


We are looking for a small studio (or group of individuals) motivated by high, regular income and can deliver on a weekly basis without drama. We have made the job as simple as possible in design and animation terms and believe that no advanced skills are required to meet expectations.

Every application will be replied to. Preference will be given to UK or EU based teams in the event that physical meetings are required moving forwards.

Once again, this is long terms project so only apply please if you are able to commit to this.

Many red flags here:
-First Posting…
-“Weekly updates will be paid through a profit sharing arrangement” that is not “paid” as you labeled the posting. there is no payment if you dont finish anything, or if youre project makes no “profit” however you define youre “profit”, as nobody knows the “costs” you substract from any possible revenue.
-“is a new division of our company” so what is the company, where is it registered, whats the website and why does the company have no money to pay people working for it, rather offers a vague profit sharing arrangement?

Hi Pinotti,

Do you make conspiracy theory games, or is that just a hobby?

  1. There is no option in the posting form to offer both Paid and Profit Sharing. It’s one or the other - or Unpaid. As the initial games will be paid it seemed apt to check that box.

  2. The is no “vague profit sharing arrangement” on the table. The posting clearly states a formal contract will be concluded between the parties.

Nobody expects anybody to work for nothing as you infer, but having said that this particular world is full of wanabees and optimists as we all know. Deception and disappointment is a 2 way street in the game making industry very sadly.

I suggest you read the posting properly before starting to troll.

Hello, do you have an email or other contact you can provide? I’d like to share some info about our team and discuss further, this may be a good fit for us.

Hi there,

I already worked on a similar project/tech demo for a big customer a while ago, although I used dedicated hardware ( Vive Trackers ) and the entire project was developed to be used in VR, where the main purpose was to do specific exercises following a virtual avatar, and the exercise was checked for the entire duration, in order to show you how well you performed.

I’m interested with this kind of projects, so it’ll be great to contact you directly ( mail/phone ) to know more about it.

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please DM me and I’ll be happy to share emails and numbers.

Hi Enter Reality,

Thanks for the feedback. I know the VR / AR flavours of this type of application very well (as well as the older Kinect versions). Our story is a little different due to the vulnerable nature of our client base - but VR / 360 is very much in our crosshairs moving forward for reasons I’d be happy to explain.

Please DM me and I’ll give you contact details.

If you’re still looking for a team, my team put together an infinite runner similar to this back in February that checks alot of these boxes.

If this is the kind of game you’e looking for we’d be interested in working with you.

If you need a 3D character and props artist or a 2D artist for some art - you can let me know. Here is my porfolio -