Long term artist wanted to join team in the making of AI.Survivor for commercial sale.

Games Artist/Designer Wanted for Game Development Partnership

I’m looking for somebody to partner with me in the development of AI.Survivor (AIS), who’s primary focus will be the artistic/visual side of the game.

About the game
AIS is a round/arena based survival game where you survive infinite rounds of swarming AI. The new direction for AIS is a spaceship/hovercraft game mode inspired by the ‘Descent’ game series. Search for some gameplay videos on Youtube if you haven’t heard of the games before. There will be an array of enemies of differing difficulty and you will be able to purchase gadgets/tools/weapons/sentries etc. by scoring points killing the enemy AI.

For more info about the game itself, please see the WIP thread.

What am I looking for?
The mechanics of the game are well under way. However, I really want to release this as a high quality game that can be sold. I am happy to specialise in the mechanics of the game, but I could really do with partnering with somebody who can specialise in the artistic side of things and push UE4 to make it a stunning game. This will include designing/modelling of assets/levels etc.

What artistic style?
I’m still undecided, and that’s where you come in. I’d like a cool sci-fi feel, but I’m completely open to sending the game in a completely new artistic direction. It would be nice to have stylised look to the game instead of getting in-deep trying to go super realistic. Do give some direction, the game is supposed to be set somewhere in the future when artificial intelligence is trying to, or already has taken over. In early design concepts, I wanted the game to be based in Britain, with lots of rainy, overgrown, lush green, but battle worn areas. I’d maybe like to go back to that, maybe with a stylised feel.

What software?
It doesn’t really matter what third party software you use really. I mainly use Blender / Gimp / Audacity etc. for asset creation.

The game however is being developed in Unreal Engine 4, so it’s pretty much required you are familiar with it.

I’m looking for a long term, committed partner for the game. I expect to spend anything up to a year producing the game. I’m happy to work on a long distance basis. Communication by email etc. I’m after somebody who can spend most days working at least a few hours towards the project, opposed to a passive partner.

What’s in it for me?
I don’t want to promise anything, but I do want to make this a successfully sold game, hence the long time frame and looking for help. I have a rough idea in my head to get this game to a high quality level, and then go for a late Kick-starter campaign to raise some funds to really market the game as much as possible, followed by a release on steam or through another major outlet.

For general information, please post questions here.

To show genuine interest, please email me via

When showing genuine interest, please explain how you much time you would be able to commit to the project, what you can bring to the table and definitely some examples of you work! Please also mention what you would expect back from me too!

Given from the title of youre thread and also you’re posting, the person you look for has to work for free=unpaid for about a year and make you all the graphics for you’re game so you can make money out of it.
Well, good luck to find such a naive person and also good luck to find one who is at the same time expert in making the high quality graphics you demand.

So basically you’re looking for graphic expert who works for free for you.
Even if you try royalties, it’s not “paid” it just gambling on the chance that YOU are successfull with the whole game project, and that you will really give him a share afterwards.

You will need loads of luck to find such a person.

Hey GameDev-DR, I mean for the other member to take a cut of the game when sold. It would be ludicrous me not offering anything in return!

Also, my main priority, is finding somebody who will just focus on the art. My own main focus will be doing the programming, mechanics, technical side of things. Which is more than an equal share of work for an equal partnership project.

Hi cypher, is your jumper on steam?
If not, i would put it there and from the income you can easy pay an artist.

Hey Luftbauch,

Not yet, the game is due to be finished this month sometime then hopefully I’ll be able to get it up on to Steam.

I’d rather work together and collaborate with somebody. I’ve been in contact with somebody who’s pretty keen so hopefully that works out! :slight_smile: