Long Strokes MAP - Work in progress

Hi, this is an update on my map I posted in the beginning of oktober: Work in progress [Level Editing] - Showcase - Epic Developer Community Forums

Some photos of the old one:

Since then I did a lot of things, I made a few props to fill the level and textured the walls and floor. The level is filled with modular props so I only used 12-14 at this point.
I’m working on a few more but the most importants parts of the level are done.
The lighting is kind of dark, but I like the atmosphere. There is still some work to be done but you can already see the end result.
The map is for 2-5 players max (DM).

Some screens from the updated version:

Here are the normals for the panels I used ( wall and floor )


Those meshes are starting to look good.
But your level is still looking very grey and dark. I would add a different (lighter) color to your level to break things up a bit. I also think your level would benefit greatly from softly colored lights.
The shadows are still very black.