Long compiling and long map loading times on a project migrated from 4.27 to 5.0.2, how do I solve this?

Hi, I’ve just migrated my project from UE 4.27.2 to UE5.0.2.

Among the many issues I’m experiencing, these two are particularly annoying as they’re making developing and debugging a painful process:

  • Loading a map takes an extremely long time. A map that would open in about 30 seconds in 4.27.2 takes now between 5 and 10 minutes to load – no matter how many times I load it

  • Compiling takes a very long time, either by building from VS or by kicking off a “live coding” session. Whereas in 4.27.2 the project built and launched from VS in a couple of minutes, now it’s taking about 10 minutes. And whereas before launching a code build from Unreal took less than a minute, for, say, a single code line change, now kicking off a live coding session (ctrl+alt+F11) takes again around the 10 minutes mark, even for just a very minor change

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


try converting your map to world partitions. Careful you can’t convert it back

this is shot in the dark don’t know if it will work. better than nothing. maybe you get lucky

They are relatively small maps, partitioning doesn’t really make much sense – thanks for the suggestion tho!

For the long compiling times – the problem was that any operation requiring a compile remained stuck for a looong time after the message

Waiting for 'git status' command to complete

I wasn’t using source control. Once I connected my project to a proper Git repository, the problem went away. However, I do still have one question – how can I disable Git checks completely, in order to avoid those waiting times in case for whatever reason I don’t want to use source control? (This thread talks about a possible solution, however I can’t find the BuildConfiguration.xml file… please lmk if you know where to find it!)



Hey, my build time has shot up drastically because of that ‘git status’ check as well. Since I’m not building the engine itself, I don’t have access to the BuildConfiguration.xml file. Were you able to find any workarounds for this?