Lonely Storm - May 15 Game Jam Entry

Lonely Storm
*“This is pretty chill. I like this =)”

“This purple dude is the next Sonic”

“Cool bug on the tree”

“Dude, digging the music.”*

Inspired by the Pigmy Gecko, Titan’s Kraken Mare Sea and partially from Ori’s Tree, Lonely Storm immerses the player in a Giant World!
Raining Cats and Dogs has a whole new meaning when each rain drop towers our friend by ten folds!
And for such a small creature, there are bound to be unseen giants keeping a watchful eye!
As if all these perils were not enough, this quirky fellow must brave his lonely entourage to sustain his home, the last of the Great Trees!
But he is not so helpless. Enter the Albino Mode and the rain drops might as well stop in their tracks with such speed!

With the help of his inner-strength, and the bits of nourishment left in his world, our friend stands a chance to survive still!

Game Perspective
Proudly delivers this project to the May 2015 Game Jam!

Team: [SIZE=3]Game Perspective
Team Members: David Hache, Marianne Meloche
Submission Name: Lonely Storm

In hindsight, it may not be so obvious at first, but the player must return the seeds near the tree where he first appears.
The project is pretty hefty, I used big assets and spent little time cleaning up the project.
Hopefully the video will compensate :slight_smile:

Enjoy and best regards to all!

cute game :slight_smile:

I feel slightly bad for the large file size >.<

haha don’t feel bad at all! If anyone is to blame for the large file size it is I, for not taking the time to properly clean up all excess baggage as the starter contents and much more. In the heat of the moment, I just felt like other things were more important.

Your assets made a huge difference to our environment visually and to Game mechanics. Giant Mushrooms were the best possible “umbrellas” for this scenario :slight_smile: Much appreciated!