Lonely footsteps are missing their other foley siblings.

This is often overlooked by non-audio expert developers, but in films, they add footsteps and all the other clothing and accessories sounds as well.
Here’s how to get it right for that extra immersion in your next game:
There are heaps of foley sound effects libraries out there. Mix them all together and you get amazing footsteps that make sense for the player.
A trick that many might not realise when recording sounds, is to use tiny objects close to the mic. I paid a visit to a film studio once and they had a scene on a fishing boat where they pull in the net with huge chains. The sound came from a tiny chain being pulled over a metallic edge.
If you have a decent mobile phone, you can always wear a blanked or bed sheets over your self, the table and the phone and record like that. It’s a totally dead space and gives a sound that is easier to edit.
So if your character is wearing metallic accessories, perhaps rattle some coins, nails and screws in front of your phone and record that sound.
As for mixing foley, embrace many many hours on YouTube tutorials. It’s an art form in itself.

The quickest way would be to get fully mixed foley from libraries: Soldier wearing light gear running in mud. Knight walking heavily on dry grass. Woman walking on heels in a loose dress carrying a plastic bag. Etc.

The same goes for weapons handling and such, there is always clothing movement going on in real life and in films, this is amplified if it’s important to the narrative.

Here’s a tutorial I found to add different footsteps on different ground materials: