Loneliness After: Chapter 1

[li]Name: LONELINESS AFTER: Chapter 1[/li][li]Genre: Adventure games, Indie[/li][li]Developer: Epikhin Maxim[/li][li]Publisher: Epikhin Maxim[/li][li]Released: 2 March. 2018[/li][li]Steam:[/li][li]Itch:[/li][/ul]

System requirements
[li]OS: Windows: 7[/li][li]Processor: 2.0 GHz - low-budget models like Celeron[/li][li]RAM: 2 GB of RAM[/li][li]Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550TI[/li][li]DirectX: Version 9.0[/li][li]Disk space: 1 GB[/li][/ul]
[li]OS: Windows: 10[/li][li]Processor: 3.0 GHz - models like i5-4460[/li][li]RAM: 2 GB of RAM[/li][li]Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750TI[/li][li]DirectX: Version 9.0[/li][li]Disk space: 2 GB[/li][/ul]

линия - ENG.png
In this game there is a story. The story of one person who is … You can not even immediately determine where he is and how he feels. You can only safely say that he is not comfortable and even scared. Only the darkness surrounding him, strange sounds, seclusion from oneself - all this only aggravates the situation. But that does not happen, he should answer himself to a few questions:
[li]Who am I?[/li][li]Where I am?[/li][li]What happened?[/li][/ol]

This person is called … He does not have a name, he only has himself as a physical entity. He will have to go through the world that surrounds him at this moment, meet with the danger, waiting for him in a motionless sleep, to feel the drama of history that people tell him around. A person seems to be familiar with the place, it evokes some memories, and each time new ones. A new place in the darkness that a person will visit will remind him of something. But, what do these moments mean? Are they real? The question is more than the answers.

The surrounding world is similar to the Middle Ages. A secluded little house, bridges, a small village … The surrounding is imbued with the atmosphere of the past and gloom. The darkness that comes after you. Once the bright trees, now only a contour in the darkness, adorned this world. But all life around froze, only darkness and horrors in it do not doze.

игры - ENG.png
The game has an atmosphere of a dark place, sometimes frightening, which has its terrible and dreary moments. The player, feeling the situation and the proposed circumstances, can feel sadness, sadness, sadness and other feelings *. Difficult to move around the world the player faces dangers, key moments. The player can find items that will help in passing the game, are an integral part of the game. Not finding any objects a player may encounter difficulty passing. Carefully read and listen ** what is happening around.
[li]You will not find direct answers in the game, only analytical activity will help you, as a player, to understand what happened.[/li][li]You need to be very careful not to miss important things for the game.[/li][li]Curiosity, immersion in circumstances - all this will help you to find the right decision.[/li][li]Absurdity, complexity, incomprehensibility - all this will haunt you in the game.[/li][/ol]

  • Does not affect all players, only a certain percentage. The effect is not guaranteed.
    ** The text is partially, but quite identical to the soundtrack.