Lone Uprising

im currently working on a very complex well though out open world survival fps game it is based around a dictator in a far away land that is lets say … not very nice if not dam right evil he has bad bad plans you are sent in by the government to take down this threat alone while equipped with his high level of training and cunning intelligence he has big plans to take this dictator down and plunge the corrupt government into melt down then force a reform on the government by encouraging a uprising this game is very relent on the explosive factor you are able to make you own doors using high powered explosives or even stealthier approaches if you would prefer it is 100% up to you the character will have a volume based inventory, a changeable clothing system, and hopefully a adaptable muscle and fat system.

we are currently in need of your support!! we have a indiegogo campaign and need your help please give all you can to help this continue and reach his peak.
we are also looking for a 3d modeler that will work for % profit after the fact rates can be discussed just PM me