London warehouse appartment: Vr visit

Hi everyone,
I want to share with you the final result of my first Unreal project. My goal was to create a photoreal, immersive experience. I am happy to say, and I don’t say this often, that is this final version matches my original idea. It took a lot of time, perseverance and passion. I learned tremendously, and I got to meet the fantastic Unreal community without which this project could not exist. Thanks in particular to the official Unreal youtube channel, Getnamo, Tesla, Mitchmmc, and recently Protheus for sharing their work. You guys rock!

The project in a nutshell:
I started developping it with a DK2 and Leap motion, tried different locomotion systems (gamepad, keyboard, gestures). They all worked ok, but all had limitations (pad means only one hand, leap motion hands jump out when they go out of frame, tracking is not 100%, motion sickness can be limited but not fully avoided). It is only when I ported it to HTC Vive that the technical restrictions became small enough to create a compelling experience and feel truly immersed.


Great job, Mat! This is a great use case for the Vive and very impressively done. Are there any additional functions that you are hoping to incorporate or build upon?

The swinging lights were a nice touch!

Hi, thank you!

As far as Archvis go, I am happy with it. It has all the functions I wanted to add from the start: Objects highlights, interactive doors, dynamic lights, teleportation, high res. assets, interactive materials. Now… the space is built and turning it into something more fun is not out of the question, and relatively easy. When I showed it to colleagues, most of them spent all their time throwing the poor bunny around and playing with physics. I am thinking to turn it into an investigation game at some point. This is an option.