London Unreal Engine Meet-up

Come and say hello! :slight_smile:

Only 6 spots left. At this rate this will be full within 24 hours. :o

Thanks for setting this up, looking forward to seeing you all and talking shop!

Yeez im going!

Awesome everyone! A little bird told me will also be heading that way :smiley:

We had an amazing time. Thanks to all that made it! :slight_smile:

Here’s the next one.

The last one sold out in 24 hours, so be quick! :slight_smile:

RSVP’d! I’ll be there this time :slight_smile: Excited to meet y’all finally

Hi there,

Was nice to meet you all. I’ll be seeing you on the next one.

It was amazing seeing everyone and listening to my fellow presenters, those projects really blew me away! I won’t be able to make April but looking forward to May. From a personal perspective I would love to hear about:

Content creation workflows
UE4 workflows
Short UE4 area specific tutorials (cascade, phat etc)
UE4 tips n tricks

Just throwing these out there. Please make more suggestions, hopefully it’ll result in tons of people taking the stage. Big or small we wanna hear about it!

Last one sold out in 24 hours.

This one is half gone in…1 HOUR?


I’m going to have to see if they can host more people!

@Dredmix Next time, make yourself known. It’s always nice to meet forumites. :slight_smile:

See you there!

It was great to be there and talk about how are we using Unreal for visualization. In our office we use it mainly for VR and mobile.
Here are some of the projects that we showed.
We are not going to the next one but the one after that we will take the HTC Vive with us.

I’ll try to :wink:

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the this month meet and I won’t be able to be at the May one as well, since I’m back home (Portugal) for Holidays.

But I’ll be at Google’s one in June. Hope to see you guy’s there.

Hey everyone,

Here are some pics from our last meetup in London. Quality stuff on display, looking forward to seeing everyone at the next one! Special thanks to @Jezcentral for putting together another flawless meetup :slight_smile:

Item 42 showing off Blister, set during the British Second Civil War:

Jelani Tyser from the University of Hertfordshire showing off his portfolio:

Simon Spink from ISG showing 3D visualisations of Architecture and Construction:

Siege and the Sandfox details from Cardboard Sword’s Chris Wilson.

And at the end, everyone shall have hats! Thanks /Epic!

<3 you all!! Looking forward to the next one :smiley:

London Unreal Engine Meetup #7: New Year’s Resolutions!

Thursday, January 12, 2017
6:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Campus London, a Google space
4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX, Greater London

It’s time for an Epic New Year’s Resolution!

Whether you are a student, hobbyist, professional or curious about the Unreal Engine and need a bit of a push. Get together with like-minded people to discuss what you love about games development and hear from speakers who can help turn your dream into reality.

Or just come to hear about and see the latest in games development and VR!

Speakers include:

Michael French, of UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) and Games London will talk about the London games development scene.

Hider from Epic Games will chair a Q&A about the Unreal Engine, Developer grants, coding (and whatever else you want to bring up).

Jan Kaniewski from Team Catastrophe has accepted another 15 minute code challenge, and will demonstrate how to write plugins for Unreal.

Hope to see you there!