London penthouse apartment walkthrough

Hi Guys,

Our first project with unreal, just testing the capabilities out for now. We used an existing scene we had created some still images for last year.
We included sound fx, configurable surfaces and objects, dynamic lighting and animated water and sky.

Wanted to get some feedback on where to improve.



Awesome! The first thing that entered my mind when the video started was, “Wow, that’s bright.” I think it might have something to do with your eye adaptation (?), but you might be able to tweak your auto exposure bias to see if you can get it a little less dream-like and more usable. The contrast seems really high, noticeably in the shadows outside. The UMG buttons seem a little “primitive” looking compared to the refined look of everything else.

But critiques aside, I love what you’ve done. The material swapping works great and I love the material spheres that pop up based on each object. The faucet-switching was also impressive. How did you get the different faucets to render in 3D right there on the HUD? My coworker and I were just talking today about how cool it would be to have room-based color palette presets, and it seems you were far ahead of us.

So yeah, I love it. I see from your website that you normally don’t focus on real-time stuff, so how do you plan on using this type of thing for your business?

Amazing job, I really like all the customization your project gives. Im still trying to find time for learning how to do that with blueprints. At least the color changing for materials!.

In my opinion I would change the amount of bright and sun light, some areas are almost pure white, dont forget to use a postproduction volume, it really helps sometimes.

Thanks, yeh on reflection it does seem bright but we are still playing with lighting, this is just for us to see what we can do with it.

We have played with vr tools since we started [Back with turntool in 2005!] and its always been an idea we’ve had to create fully interactive spaces. I think Unreal is very close to providing the holy grail to visualization studios / artists, real time lighting and materials with customizable options. Its very likely that Unreal will soon be the rendering tool of choice for most visualization artists, once they [unreal] nail Proper reflections and web based publishing it will be the future.

Have a question how to do configurable surfaces? I know it’s Blueprint but do you have any tutorial maybe or link?

A question too :smiley:
How did you manage to get the playable part (player able to move around) and then it seems to stop and you can select objects to change their materials. Do you change your game mode on the fly?

Hi, as we are operating it on a desktop with mouse and keyboard, we set the menu to be activate when you hit “escape”. Currently we have “tab” set to deactivate the mouse cursor so we can click on objects and configure them.

Its not an ideal solution…

Top Notch work Pikcells! I am very impressed with the interaction in this one.

Thanks Ben, we spent alot of time on the interaction. Unreal is an incredibly exciting tool to use, for us it fuses together the apps we make, the animations and the stills into one package.

This looks awesome !

My brother & myself are newcomers to UE4 (he has some knowledge in modelling engines).
We really want to model our old grandfather’s 2-story house (actually lived in England).
We have all the sketches & dimensions. My brother will model everything in Cinema4D.

I wanted to know if you can maybe give us some tips on the best approach to building it, i.e. -
(1) Which modelling engine did you use ? Cinema4D ? 3DMax ? Maya ?
(2) Did you build each room separately in the model engine & then import it into UE4 -
or did you build it all as a single 3D object and import it into UE4 ?
or maybe you modeled each single object in the modelling engine and then ‘tied’ it all together in UE4 ?
(like model the left wall, then import into UE4, then model the right wall, then import it into UE4, etc)
(3) Did you export the meshes & materials & textures from the modelling engine into UE4 - or did you
only export the meshes & textures and then created materials in UE4 ?
(4) What about UV-Maps ?

I have some more questions that might help us out, but anything you can share regarding HOW you worked on this -
will be EXTREMELY helpful for us to start working on this hobby-project (a dream we have had for years).
We want to go crazy on the realism, as this is a personal project with nostalgic meaning to us both…

Thank you so much !