London LiDAR scanning and model building studio needs help / partner to develop Unreal services

Hello, Hello

I run a small studio in London working on a mixed bag of jobs.

60% of out work is bashing out 2d AutoCAD drawings for a bunch of small London architects. We turn up, we scan the building inside and out and then 8 working days later the architect gets a nice set of architectural drawings - pays the bills but not very exciting.

On top of that we do a lot of work for projection artists who need very precise digital images to base all animations, camera positions, set ups etc on. - more interesting than the architectural work.

Then sometimes we have to develop white obj’s for games and VR folk to add to their scenes - this is nice interesting collaborative work.

What I want to do now is to develop my offer so I can supply any asset ready for the Unrea Enginel - We will scan the object, then use our guys to model and then we will pass this to someone like yourselves to optimise and make Unreal ready.

I feel the speed with which Unreal is developing , if you don’t tie in with someone who is already really good and up to speed, you will always be playing catch-up - Looking over your shoulder and seeing someone doing it better than you are.

So… If you are eager to develop your own Unreal studio, speak good English, have time available to work hard when needed, and probably most importantly, be someone who lives breathes and eats Unreal digital modelling - then please do get in touch, i’d love to hear from you.