Lol Cats, I Can Has Lazer up on Greenlight

Lol Cats, I Can Has Lazer is up on Steam Greenlight.

I tried to vote but I haven’t spent any money on Steam, so I can’t :frowning: I’ve seen your game many times, and I do have a question, do you have anywhere you can link me to regarding AI jumping from ledges like your cat does? I have seen a few threads, but many were said to not give the desired result.

I voted you up my man! I really think you should go mobile with this ASAP and maybe even more so before steam. This kind of game is one that would EXCEL on the Play Store if dropped onto it. Just figure out how to market it right and you’ve got yourself a gold mine. I mean… how many cat ladies have a cell phone, right???

We do have a mobile control for it and are developing simultaneously. Using Steam Greenlight to get needed feedback and maybe offer in Alpha if it is Greenlit. Havn’t decided on KickStarter or not. For mobile we don’t want to release until it is 100% complete.

@For jumping I followed MieszkoZ’s instructions.

I’ll add it to my list for my blog at I can get it up there in a week. I do use root motion for the animation which that post doesn’t really go over.