LOKA - League of keepers Allyzium

The game begins in a small hangar and you are an ordinary mercenary in the arsenal which has only a simple shotgun, you took part in small operations earn first money .

After each battle you will be required to replenish ammunition, as well as sometimes restore the damaged equipment.

Be prepared for the fact that the first revenues will be given to you is not very easy, but learning the necessary technologies, increasing protection and own arsenal, you can turn from simple assassin you can grow to leader in own league .

Being in the league you will be able to participate in big fights and receive even more rewards for victory.
Manage members in the league … assign positions to participants to reduce the burden of administration.

Weapons, ammunition and clothes can also be painted to express his own visual style.

+Support for approval in Steam](Steam Community :: Error)

I guess I’m confused about what type of game this is. MMO first person shooter? Or campaign type game?

If this is player vs player I feel that the sprinting is a little much. That would drive me up the wall if my enemy was flying all over the place.

3d multiplayer first-person shooter, with an improvement of weapons, armor and characters.
obtaining a new level, you open access to new characters and skills

Wow tthis looks great! Wonderful graphics. The character choices look rly cool

not bad keep up the great work, and may i say the graphics and time look great when you took the time to work on this with the team you have. I hope this Project keeps up and is always running great with nice people. 10/10 * from me in tell released to see how the game play is.

That looks fun to play.
We expect good envi and map :wink:

Keep up the good work, gg ! :wink: