LogVSAccessor: Warning: Couldn't access Visual Studio

Hello all, this issue has been plaguing me for almost a month now. it seems that UE4 cannot recognize Visual studio when it is running. It won’t hot compile (I know that hot compile is always a hit or miss, but this is different from normal hot compile issues.) You are also unable to access a running version of Visual Studio because of this:

InSolutionPath = L"../../../../../Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.sln"
Filename = L"C:/Users/minec/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.sln"
//please not these are the values that debugging shows me, and are not hard coded into UE4.    

FString Filename(OutPath);

if (Filename == InSolutionPath)
OutDTE = TempDTE;
AccessResult = EAccessVisualStudioResult::VSInstanceIsOpen;

This snippet of code is found on lines 221 -228 of VisualStudioCodeAccessor.cpp
As you can see the FStrings are similar but not the same and I’m not quite sure why.
The if statement always fails of course and so UE4 opens up a new instance of VS, and compiles the already saved code.

I have a same problem ,it’s been killing me one weeks , anyone can help? thank you in advance.