LogVoiceEncode owning user error

I’m trying to implement LAN voice communication under Windows using the directions here: How can I make in game voice communication? - Audio - Unreal Engine Forums

When the application starts, I get an output log message:

LogVoiceEncode:Error: StopLocationVoiceProcessing: Ignoring stop request for non-owning user

and when I execute “ToggleSpeaking true” I get:

LogVoiceEncode:Error: StartLocationVoiceProcessing(): Device is currently owned by another user

There are past questions with similar error messages for older versions of UE4 that seem to require changes to the engine source code. However, the documentation seems to indicate that it should work out of the box.

Any suggestions of how to get it working?

Did you ever find and answer to this? I’m seeing it as well in 4.15.