I want to make a mod that logs admins commands but dosen’t make them pop in the chat, can anyone point me in the right direction for doing this?

This is a server option. ASM > Uncheck Log Admin to Chat or there’s the shortcut commandline tag but I can’t remember it.

Disabling still logs everything to server logs from what I’ve come to understand, but stops printing them to chat.


I asked on ASM forums, it won’t log admin commands unless they print to chat, that is why i was curious if it was possible to do it with a mod cause i don’t like the fact that to make admin commands logged they have to show for every player kinda defeats the purpose.

We’re suspicous of admin abuse in our server but we don’t want to spam players with admin commands when we’re setting up areas for events and stuff, and if we catch a cheater admin showing in chat that an admin has gone in spectator mode.

I just want the ability to log the admin commands without making everyone see them in chat, cause i have a feelin it prolly won’t be added any time soon by the ark devs and the way they made the admin logging system is really stupid.

Well, I suppose it could be possible, but… there becomes the small issue of how the chat system determines if something is an admin command, or rather, if that is handled within the chat setup at all and isn’t something locked inside the cheat manager class.

As it’s a server option, poke and prod in the GameMode and CustomGameMode files - the latter has a lot more functionality than the former - and see if there’s something there or possibly look through the Chat files.


Only chat files i found in the content browser is some textures, by gamemode do you mean “TestGameMode”?

… and yes, but you’ll need to reparent a gamemode to CustomGameMode to access that specific one, it doesn’t exist as a file that I know of, but does as a class.


Well i better learn a lot more about the dev kit cause that is way over my knowledge to even know what to do with those.