LOGS to control working hours of freelancers

Hi there,
I’m wondering if by controlling the times of opening and closing of the log files saved in the cloud of a share uproject is enough to state how long a developer worked on the project.

What do you think?


No, not that easy. If someone wanted to fool you, they can just run macros for 8 hours that do random ****. So unless you really wanna read through the logs, Id just take their words for truth and judge by the quality of their outcome and how well they can keep up with deadlines.

Not worth the hassle. You need to be able to trust them to do the job you’re paying them them for.

Agreed, there’s lots of tools(such as toggl) that makes it easier for record keeping of time spent, but there is no tool that removes trust as the primary factor. If you can’t trust someone then stop working with them.

Thanks for your answers

Yeah as a freelancer I’d say people don’t like being watched upon like slaves. There are many monitoring programs that can even silently take screenshots and upload to the employer to keep tabs. but that’s more like breach of privacy and makes them feel uneasy If a freelancer wanted to increase hours illegitimately he could just slow down the work speed. If you don’t trust your employees they also reserve the right to not trust you. but this is not a healthy business attitude for both parties.

You should rather negotiate a target result that you want and the price that you are willing to give to achieve that desired result or you can simply setup milestones and monitor the progress few times a week. That is the best way to make sure of it without meddling with trust issues.

Not to mention that if you should happen to be answering a question to another client (I’m talking about something like a skype IM- not a full design meeting) it can technically breach NDA.

Bottom line, if you don’t think you can trust your freelancer, find one that you can trust. If it’s BP/C++ work, I’m currently available ;).

Freelancing Rule#1: a freelancer should never miss an opportunity to advertise himself. our jobs depend on it :wink:

Nice try :wink: but I’m a dev btw, not an employer :stuck_out_tongue:

I read that most of you talk about trust, but what’s trust between strangers that work on the same project from remote location?

I think it is just the expectations that others have from you of you delivering what agreed in the agreed terms. But then, if you cannot or shouldn’t monitor it, how flexible trust should be? Until people feel comfortable to work under those conditions?

I believe this should be it.

well in business trust is very important, there are other less intrusive ways to monitor that are less expressive about your lack of trust. Like I said , either pre-negotiate a cost or check the progress updates , if a freelancer really wants to commit fraud he will do it anyway. There are various ways to do that and you cannot track all of it, just saying.

I’m not saying all employers are cheaters , I had my on share of cheating employers , but I don’t ask my employers to show me their bank account statement everyday to make sure they’ll be able to pay me in the end.
Its just you should not be very intrusive or insecure about your choice, its better to research the market and hire a well reputed freelancer that cannot commit fraud because his reputation is at stake. If you are paying someone by the hour live then better hire someone onsite, much more reliable that way.

Also Its not anything specific to freelancers or employers ,feeling of trust is important, its simply how human relations and mutual understanding work. whether its business or love :o