LogPython Warning

I have migrated my project from 4.26 to 4.27.

When I package it, I get a warning: LogPython: Warning:

‘KismetInputLibrary’ and ‘InputLibrary’ have the same name (InputLibrary) when exposed to Python. Rename one of them using ‘ScriptName’ meta-data.

I’ve seen that the Python plugin is enabled in 4.27. But when I try to disable it, I get a message that Niagara is also tied to it, so it will be disabled, too. Somehow it is disabled in 4.26 while Niagara is enabled.

Is the warning because of the Python plugin? Should I rename Kismet Input Library or Input Library?

Excuse neco, but google points to this well documented question.
Fix this for your UENUM like e.g.

UENUM(BlueprintType, meta=(ScriptName="ELevelState"))
enum class ELevelState : uint8

Another reason for this warning is old Core Redirects. Make sure to resave your assets related to the problematic C++ class, and then delete the Core Redirects in question.

Generally speaking, Core Redirects should only remain in your config files for a short time (only until you have resaved your assets). They’re not to be kept long-term.

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