Logout Loop In Chrome... Yet again

For a while I was convinced that I had some extension installed (I have only 3) in Chrome that was causing some odd bug throughout the various Unreal-related sites. The forums here, the marketplace, the learning portal, etc.

I’ll be logged in. Click a link, which is totally normal, no strange hashes or anything like that. Then a loop happens with an automatic redirect where my login is invalidated. Here is my bookmark for the Unreal Engine Marketplace:

And here is the URL loop that kicks in when I follow this bookmark:

This was happening about a month or so ago, and whoever handles the web voodoo fixed it apparently. Well, this bug is back. I know it’s not on my end; As I did previously, I disabled all my extensions, cleared cache, cookies, etc. Hell, I even re-installed Chrome and raw Chromium. Same issue persists.

If I hop over to Firefox, Edge, Brave, etc. everything is fine. Not sure what the deal is there, but I managed to catch this single warning in the developer console during the loop:

Manifest: property 'start_url' ignored, should be same origin as document.

So far I’ve only encountered this in Chrome, and there have been a few updates since the previous time this issue arose. Could be a Chrome issue, or perhaps someone let the hamsters loose in the web code again?

I can confirm this is now happening in Firefox as well I posted on here yesterday about but no reply yet.

I can confirm this is still happening, from the epicgames main page to online learning page, even once in this form. Got logged out after I logged in some other tab one minute ago, infinite refreshing Epic Games

Same issue for me. I’m using Brave browser