Logo Usage Agreement Help

Hi Guys,

I’ve been working on a game in UE4 for the past year and want to put some trailers up online, of course giving a nod to Unreal as a thanks for being awesome and showing what tech went into the game and the skills that I have. The problem is I am under 18, and thus cannot legally bind myself in the contract on your website. I would also love to use the logo for a presentation I am giving about the project. How would I go about doing this? I’m not looking for any revenue for the project but just want to use the logos because they look really cool!

Most of the questions on Legal & Licensing have gone to the staff, so I guess this question is directed mostly at them.


Actually, your ability to use UE4 is under our EULA (which is also a contract) so its a similar issue.

At the top of the trademark license there is an option to email in the completed license to an email address; how about you getting your parent or guardian to send along a message to that address confirming that you agree to be bound by both the EULA and trademark license.

Sounds great. Thanks!