Logo scene

A 5 second logo scene. Turned out a lot better than I was expecting.

wow i really like when i see unreal engine being used for other tasks, well done!

Those are some fine particles right there :smiley:

The fire looks great! Maybe you could try making the wood plank burn away as an outro :cool:

Nice one - maybe it should use a bit more dynamic lighting - you know, to make the golden part really shine! :slight_smile:

Looks good but what it made the background a lot darker and the wood barely visible? Would give a very interesting look to it!

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think I’m going to try darkening the background and improving the AO on the wood plank. Right now it looks a bit like it was cut and pasted into the scene. I like the idea of the plank burning away, but I don’t think it’s within my capabilities at the moment. I might be able to do some char with glowing embers at the bottom , but that would be pushing it.

Philolo65, can you point me in the right direction for information about the dynamic lighting? I’m still kinda new to the engine.

Electricsauce, perhaps I wasn’t really accurate when I said dynamic lighting (I also misspelled it, what a shame), what I meant is that you could add a front spot light (not too bright and to make sure it doesn’t conflict with the ambient lighting) that would move from the left to the right using matinee, it usually works well for metallic materials.