Logo Intro..

i’ve Manage to make a decent Logo Ainm_Intro to play before the game starts. The thing is i don’t know where to put it…Lol? Do i put in the Editor, or does that go in the Packaging Settings or do i gotta make a new Level
and put it in there as a animation?

If this sounds like a Rookie question! it’s only because i’m only about 3 months in to Ue4 and i’m kinda learning it as i go…

Any advice or input would be Appreciated.

Put it in a Folder in Content Root: like Movies.

Then trigger it on startup in the project settings.

Is this one of those startup logo’s?
If so: There is something about (startup) movies in the “Project Settings” page.

A level to play startup movies would work too, A automated startup player would be better tho.