LogMessage Client/Server Bug

Logging messages for my client server game and noticed in the preview that I’m not seeing any more of the Client/Server prefix but rather “none”.

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPReplicatedPlayerState3 BeginPlay
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPReplicatedPlayerController BeginPlay
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPServerGameMode3 OnSetMatchState
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPServerGameMode3 OnPostLogin
LogNet: Join succeeded: 258
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPReplicatedPlayerController1 BeginPlay
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPReplicatedGameState7 BeginPlay
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] BPReplicatedPlayerState4 BeginPlay

It looks like it is happening because I created a LogMessage function as part of my blueprint library that is doing this… If I do a Print String outside of the library function it looks ok.

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