Logitech wheel input

Hey “Free”

Does Anyone have any idea with this plugins or how it work with UE?

Do you must compile the plugin in visual studio or working as plugin without compile?

Also I couldn’t find logitech in input.:confused:

Have you got any luck get that plugin to work? There is very limited documentation that comes with the plugin…

So i wrote to logitech support and this is their reply. Hope that helps a bit.

"Our UE4 plugin is a code only plugin, so it does not have any blueprints available. Blueprints are definitely something we’ve talked about for a later version, but there is no support yet.

As for the documentation, its buried deep within the unreal engine directory under the LogitechG plugin folder from the marketplace (“Epic Games/4.xx/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/LogitechG/Doc”). The “UsageInstructions” contains a simple getting started guide that shows how to call the plugin from c++ code. For more a more in-depth guide on each of the SDKs (Steering Wheel SDK for example), they can be downloaded from our developer page.

If you have not used the Steering Wheel SDK before, I recommend looking at the c++ sample project included in the bundle from our developer page. It will give you an idea of what a complete implementation looks like."

Thanks, I’m not test that yet with c++ but I’ve used x360 emulator and working fine even with another devices.