Logitech Joystick and Rudder Pedals Configuration

I’m currently trying to work out how to add support for using a joystick and rudder pedals, but cannot for the life of me work out how. Googling seems to be failing me.
I have a Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick and Logitech G flight rudder pedals that I’m trying to configure to work with Unreal - Blueprints.
I have enabled the Windows RawInput plugin and have tried adding two input devices using the vendor Id and product Id found via device manager.
I can’t find which GenericUSBController Axis / Button should be mapped to each axis / button on each input devices. I tried a couple but nothing seems to work.
In Blueprints I then tried adding a call on Event BeginPlay to Get Registered Devices, for each print Device name.Only one device is listed and it doesn’t appear to match either device.
Using the Logitech software, both devices are connected and are receiving input.
Am I missing something? I am new to Unreal, but this seems ridiculously hard to add input from other input devices other than keyboard, mouse, gamepad etc.

Many thanks.


Raw input plugin is not that well documented.

For my own project I used this very inexpensive asset from marketplace

I recommend it

Thanks for your reply Fred.
It’s a frustrating that Unreal doesn’t have better support for joysticks.
Be interesting to check out your stuff as as I love flying. I’m currently trying to recreate work I started in Unity to Unreal making a rather crude VR flight simulator game based on the Sopwith camel.

My project also started in Unity, I moved it to unreal about one year ago, and I am quite happy with the progress.

Let me know more about your project, I was just thinking about adding a biplane for scouting wildfires…