Logitech G920 clutch not working

Hello everybody !

I’m trying to use my Logitech G920 with the advanced car template in UE4 and I would like to change the brake pedal to the clutch pedal. But When I’m trying to use it (on GenericUSBController Axis 4, as 1 is the sterring wheel and 2/3 brake & accelerator), it doesn’t seem to recognize it, it acts like the pedals if pushed always. And acts the same way whatever axis from 4 to 8 I’m trying…

What could I do?

Thanks in advance,

Don’t use GenericUSBController, it has many bugs on various driver/products.
You can give it a try by doing correct calibrations shown HERE

I recommend to use Logitech SDK Plugin .

NOTE: I don’t know if your goal is this but, Clutch is not supported by WheeledVehicleMovementComponent already. So you can’t use it if you want to use 3 pedals in same time.