Logitech G13 breaks Unreal Editor 4.18.2

Unreal Editor 4.18.2 on a 2013 Mac Pro running High Sierra was acting extremely strange when I installed it. Whenever I clicked on something in the UI, it wouldn’t actually click on it and a dotted outline would just move up through the UI until it had no where else to go. After a bit of testing, I finally found the culprit. It was my Logitech G13 keypad. I use a Logitech G13 for most of my keyboard shortcuts in most of my applications to maximize my workflow. The only way I can get 4.18.2 to work is if I unplug the G13 and then restart my Mac. A complete system restart is absolutely necessary. Just unplugging the G13 and restarting Unreal Editor doesn’t fix the problem. So I started installing previous versions of Unreal Editor and the only version that actually works with the G13 plugged in is 4.16.3. So there’s definitely something wrong in 4.18.2 that doesn’t like the Logitech G13 itself to the point that a full system reboot with the G13 unplugged is the only thing that will allow me to use 4.18.2 and that’s even with the Logitech Gaming Software running. As long as the G13 never gets plugged in, I can use 4.18.2. But once I plug it in for other applications, 4.18.2 is toast. I’ve had this same problem with previous versions of Unreal Editor. Somewhere around 4.8 or 4.13. Can’t remember which. Is there going to be a permanent fix to this issue so it doesn’t happen ever again? Because it seems to keep popping up judging by previous posts with this same problem.