Logitech F710 with xinput not working

Hello UE4 answerhub,

I just bought a Logitech F710 gamepad with Xinput and it is not working in launched Unreal Engine 4 games.

I previously had a Logitech Rumblepad gamepad which didn’t work because it had directInput (which does not working with the unreal engine). So I thought I’d buy a new one in order for it to work, but I was wrong…

The weird thing is that is is working in the editor viewport window somehow… But whenever I launch a unreal engine 4 game it doesn’t work.

And yes, the gamepad is switched to xInput on the back of the gamepad.

Did I just waste money on a new gameput or am i doing something wrong?

Hope some of you can help me out.

Hey guys,

Apparently restarting the computer helped… Was debugging for an hour then I took a break and turned off the computer and afterwards it worked.

So yea… “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”