Login using Google Play Services

I’m trying to login using the google play services, but i’m having a few problems, i don’t get any message or error.

i tried to search on the forum and i found a thread that said to use the online google play services system the i must recompile the google play plugin and the ue4 engine, this is still needed ? or can i use the google play services using blueprint without any plugin recompile?

thanks in advance for all the help.


Hello, this blueprint working for me. I can use, IAP, achievements, Leaderboards on my project.
I’m using ue_4.27 and I did it with internal plugins.

Note: Your project must be published on google play.

Step 1:

make sure, you added this 2 lines

step 2:

if still not working
You didnt make your cloud.google settings. Here, I have a little steps.
if you can’t make it again, you can tell me. I would be happy to help you.


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@AngelisDead thanks for the help, where i can find the “Google Play License Key”?

i’m searching in google play console but i can’t find it

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Go your game on console and there is monetization setup.
This key a little bit long :slight_smile:

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got it, now is showing the google play popup, but i received login failed, any ideas ?

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do you have these both settings?

i only have the first one “Android”, do i need the game server too ?

i tried to create the game server too, but an error said that the current package is already used

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Yes, I used game server as web to communicate with play login.

first of all go for game server:

go here and copy this sha key. not your app’s key. App signing key sertificate created by google.
Then try to create Game server with this one.

you will see your credential like this

then you can see your client id and secret. Use this one


hello @AngelisDead, i’m trying all these steps to complete the successful login into google play services, i have a question about all these steps:

my credentials have status “draft”, could this be the cause of the “login failed”, i’m asking because in your picture you have both credentials in status “published”

thanks in advanced for your help

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Hello @enzoravo yes, you must publish to save settings. I’m waiting to hear from you, I hope it will work

hello @AngelisDead if i publish the app it will be available on google play store ? i don’t want to list my game right now, is in early stages.

i published the app, but i’m still receiving the login failed, any other ideas ?

Can you write me in private message?

There were game server and android settings, I sent you a screenshot