Login system?

What i want to do is make some type of system where players would have to login to join the game.So they would need to be registered on a website.and each account will have its own saved data for that account. Is something like this possible with blueprint? And where would i start?

You will need some Database interaction and I’m sure you will need C++ for that, not only BP

Ok, So it would be best just to use C++ and not blueprint?

I’m not a programmer nor experienced game-developer/designer or anything close, but realise that c++ is a whole programming language, which in the right hands and mind can create a pretty large number of programs and whatnot, blueprints are unreal engines way of “visually programming” which for a simple man like myself makes life easier :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, J

The only problem I found using only c++ is the build time. The iteration is really slow…

Blueprints would be the tip of the iceberg you are trying to make. A login screen you find on most games are just simple view to get credentials, encrypt them , pass them to a server , validate , and then load user’s profile. Definitely you are going to need a lot of C++ coding.

i would suggest you do some https based authentication where a lot C++ QA/tutorial available, and then try do that with ue4.

Jep, but most of the work have to be done at server side, the Client stuff will be pretty simple.