Login System

I have to find an easy way to implement a MySQL based Login System into my Unreal Project.
If you know any way how to do that pls tell me.
This my Login System now. It is based on the SaveFile System.



Hey and welcome (:

why would you do it this way? The SaveGame object is saved on the Players PC, so he can easily access it. So a login system
with password and username saved on the PC of the Player seems a bit unnecessary.

There are Plugins that you can use to send Json to a PHP file and get data from a real MySQL Database. Maybe you should try them.

Also have a look at the “Format Text” Node. You can write texts like this “Der Account {AccountName} wurde gesperrt. Grund: {Reason}.”

And “AccountName” as well as “Reason” will be created as an input of the “Format Text” node after you hit enter.