Login protection for a game


can someone explain to me how I implement a login in 4 unreal. And it comes that I have to register users with your registered email address and password, this gets tested by a database on a server before you can start the game. If invalid data the game is to be terminated.



no one has an idea?

Too bad that is not a help here.

Do you have any prior knowledge of web databases?


so how do I implement this with a database to query data is not even the issue. I would like to know how that translates when the user is not present and the database or value does not match, the game that we stopped and can not be played.

You could do this with blueprint, like here:

If you want to do it the ‘right’ way, then you should delve into OnlineSubsystem functionality and especially OnlineIdentity interface. It’s not a particularly easy task.

If you want a cheap&dirty way then you can just hook into GameMode’s or GameSession’s Login() methods and add your checks there. This can involve sending a HTTP request to your web-service to check with an account database for a match or anything else you might want.

Another thing you might look at is this It does what you are looking for I believe and have a number of other parts you might find very useful in your game.