I am trying to make a simple login to the game. So please how can I make a communication between server and a client. I thought about a PHP server because of security reasons. So basically I type username and password and it sends the info to the PHP server and checks if it’s in database and then it sends back some info like True/False or something. Also I would like to ask which database would be the best. I thought about MySQL. Thanks.

Its good as an example but it has some security issues/depreciated things. Currently making my own system for my specific case once I deem its good enough I might open source it so more people can help find/fix security flaws.

Id be interested in seeing this part of games modularized and open sourced as well. Currently I have setup myself to use VAREST and AWS but I am struggling on feeling this is the best method / most secure method but don’t really have tons of resources to turn to. Would actually love to see Epic take some time and give us a section on player management with their best practices to help lessen the learning curve.

I found something useful on the trello boards which should help with general security ingame which becomes more noticeable when doing stuff with databases.