Logicool g600 mouse on macOS


I am experimenting with the unreal editor on my macbook pro using a logicool g600 gaming mouse.

Unfortunately the mouse seems to not work at all with the editor and navigating in the editor panes impossible.

Is there some way to configure either the mouse or the editor to make them work together?


PS: I am working through the book “Game Audio Implementation” by Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould and therefore use Unreal Engine 4.8.3 as the example files which come with the book are written for this version.

Hi again,

It seems that my configured mouse profile causes the problems. I bought the logicool g600 gaming mouse as I like old-style unix 3-button mouses. Rather than using the wheel as a middle mouse button I configured the three physical buttons of the g600 to behave as left click, middle click and right click. (The default is left click, right click and G-shift with the middle click lying on the wheel.) This, however, seems to confuse the Unreal Engine…

I now made a new profile for the unreal editor with the g600 default settings - left click, right click and G-shift, the middle click lying on the wheel - which seems to work fine. Trying to reconfigure the buttons, however, results in the same problems as before…

Why is this so?

And is there a way to configure the g600 mouse buttons in the way I like them to behave?

Thanks for your help,

Hello ,

This mouse should be able to work correctly with the engine. Could you provide screenshots of what kind of setup you’re using on your mouse, such as screenshots of the Logicool Gaming Software?

Also, can you try downloading UE 4.14.1 from the Epic Games Launcher to ensure that this isn’t something caused by the older version of the engine?

We haven’t heard from you in a while, diresu. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, can you provide the information I mentioned in my previous comment? In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes.