Logical Conundrum


Riddle me this.
If your capsule is 94 units and 94/2 = 47, why is 0 + 47 = 23.5 and 0 + 94 = 47 ?

Pivot points are at the center of capsule. If you place 2 actors next to each other their center points / pivots are the vectors returned.
If your capsule is on the ground its center / vector will be Z=47

If you set actor location to Z=47 it will set it to 0.
If you want the Actor to be 47 you have to set it to 94.

Leading me to believe that when actor positions are set via blueprints it does not use the pivot / “in editor vector” value but instead defaults to the bottom of the actor.
I do not know if this is a bug. But its definitely an inconsistency between In Editor values and how blueprints interpret the values.

I am going to log this on answerhub as a bug as i am finding results where it is using the center or correct vector and other times defaulting to the bottom.