Logic for locker/hide transition


I m looking for the logic of a kind of outlast locker transition system.

Is there somewhere I can get a tutorial for it or somebody knows how to do it?

I just want the logic, I really don’t know how to do it, I know how to move the camera into it but not the character and of course, I wan’t the character to be hidden from the AI .

Thanks you.

If I am reading this correctly, you want some way to move a character into a locker upon activation of some kind?

  1. Find an animation to move said character into locker. “enter locker” or “locker transition” with “animation” and “fbx” searches on the Internet should pop up some results. Find a suitable one and import that into Unreal.

  2. Apply the animation to the character following one of the hundreds of animation tutorials available.

  3. Give the locker two reference points for navigation, the inside of the locker and the outside of the locker. The position of these points will vary depending on your locker, but generally the inside point is in the middle of the locker space and the outside one is about 100 units or so away from the closed door of the locker.

  4. Have the locker provide those two reference points to the character so that the character is in the correct location and rotation when starting and ending the animation for locker entry (animation file from step 1).

  5. Provide the character with the ability to activate this locker entry function, either through some kind of action mapping or mouse clicking or whatever you deem fit.

  6. Blind the character to the AI once the locker entry has completed.

Yes that’s what I want, sorry for my poor English.

Thanks, trying it and come back for more questions if needed.

What the node for the transition? i ve tried with teleport and two vectors, the inside locker and outside but it’s not looking good. Right now I don’t care of the animation but I d like the character to move into it smoothly.

I ve set a timeline for the locker door opening and closing, it looks ok, I just need the node to move the character in and out smoothly.