Logic/Flowchart tool similar to animation graphs

I often find myself using a scratch animgraph as a means of making pseudo layouts for things like logic/ai/etc. It would be kind of nice to just have some kind of helper class like that. It can be a royal pain to find a half decent app that accomplishes the same kind of thing, without feeling like you’re drawing blueprints in autocad, and I really don’t like having to have 200000 programs open. The node system in UE is quick and powerful, so it only seems natural that there would be some kind of tool like this and would help a lot of people stay organized/keep on track with goals.

As for the actual implementation, it could have different node shape options for things like start, end, decisions, processes, etc. There could still be things like comment boxes and details. The wires could have things attached to them as well. It could also have a check box at the top corner of each node for people to “mark” things off the list as they tackle each step (it could use an X, checkmark, ?, ! and so on).

I don’t really understand what you need.
Are you asking for gaphing tool ?

I think @IronicParadox is speaking about productivity tool that utilize UE4 AI/Animation graph style. IMHO it will be better off as a plugin rather than a built-in functionality

After pecking around on google images, this is an example of what I mean (in this case, the person is using it as some kind of AI deciding algorithm)