Logging Data

What data can be logged or output by ue4?

Is it possible to output the distance a player has walked and the angle they have faced during walk time?

Unreal Engine can print / output / log any data that you want.

The character doesn’t currently measure how far it’s walked, so you’d have to add a blueprint that runs in Tick to actually calculate that, which sounds simple (assuming you know how to develop in blueprints.)

The main question I have about your question is whether you have specific assumptions around “Logging” – is there a particular format you want the log to be in? A CSV file on disk? A UDP PDU record in DIS format? The default Unreal text log file? Google Analytics parameters? The specifics about how you get the data from where it is to where you want it changes based on that answer.

If it was in an excel spreadsheet that would be great or even in the log.