LogD3D12RHI: Warning


Does anyone know the reason of that warning? And possible solution to it?

LogD3D12RHI: Warning: Force flushing command list to GPU because too many commands have been enqueued already (10187 commands)

It constantly shows up in my Output Log. I have a problem with rendering a scene which started to work very slow and I am wondering if that error can be connected with it.


It’s defintely connected :slight_smile:

You’re basically hammering your GPU too hard.

What is causing the load in the scene? ( particles? foliage? etc… )

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Thanks for reply!

I have almost 38 000 actors in my scene, most of them are StaticMeshActor - 3D plants from Quixel Megascans. I didn’t use any foliage or landscape for it because I wanted to place them in a specific way.
It was working pretty well until some point.

Is it too much for Unreal or there could be a way to fix it?

Edit: Seems that merging meshes helped.


Yeah you’ll definitely want to try instanced static meshes as well

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Any Clue on how you solve this issue? if you did? I’m facing a similar issue and trying to figure out the reason

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Hello there!
I’m having the same issue, over 10k commands list to gpu. I have 3k actors, all textures optimized (1gb streaming max required), but still, because of this warning, my game is very laggy and slow in standalone mode, PIE or packaged.
The scalability setting won’t work either

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The same trouble here, we also have lots of actors…
This message is pretty annoying, makes the logs unreadable and slows things down. Any ideas how it can be avoided? Or alternatively are there any plans to implement an engine setting to disable it?

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Same thing here… nobody seem to have a fix for this.


Did you manage to solve your issue ?


hello did you manage to solve it ?

Not on my end.

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found temporal solution: D3D12.MaxCommandsPerCommandList in console, try set 15000 or 20000.


Use the Luoshuang’s GPULightmass this issue will disappear.

this message logs in editor, not while lightmass build. got this with embedded Luoshuang’s GPULightmass.

On my end i was getting this error when i was baking light so… maybe someone else had this problem too. Using Luoshuang GPULighmass i was able to get rid of this problem.

Any Update ?

Hi all I have the same issue since migrating to 4.27, I didn’t have this issue in 4.26.

Has anyone found an answer and if not is this something that an Unreal Moderator can help with please?

having the same issue when using gpu lightmass, after this warning pops out some of my lights stop baking properly…

Comment est ce que j’active le GPULightmass de Luoshuang?