LogD3D12RHI: Warning


Does anyone know the reason of that warning? And possible solution to it?

LogD3D12RHI: Warning: Force flushing command list to GPU because too many commands have been enqueued already (10187 commands)

It constantly shows up in my Output Log. I have a problem with rendering a scene which started to work very slow and I am wondering if that error can be connected with it.

It’s defintely connected :slight_smile:

You’re basically hammering your GPU too hard.

What is causing the load in the scene? ( particles? foliage? etc… )

Thanks for reply!

I have almost 38 000 actors in my scene, most of them are StaticMeshActor - 3D plants from Quixel Megascans. I didn’t use any foliage or landscape for it because I wanted to place them in a specific way.
It was working pretty well until some point.

Is it too much for Unreal or there could be a way to fix it?

Edit: Seems that merging meshes helped.

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Yeah you’ll definitely want to try instanced static meshes as well