Logarithmic Math Function

Hello Guys,

iam missing the natural logarithmic math function.

I want to flatten some values:

X %
<1500 = 100
1500 = 100
10000 = 20

While 0% should never been reached. So it isnt doable to use a linear function.

As iam not that good in math, a friend of mine came up with that:
((-34,745355855*ln(x)+340)/100)*x = “flattend x”

This one behaves a bit weird above x = 16000, but thats just not the problem.

Iam at the point to implement that function with blueprints, but i dont find the needed node for logarithmic math.

Hi, DasMaeh.
You can use this

Didnt knew that. And i would had speed up my work, if i had heared about it earlier :smiley:

But that did not solve my problem, because an expression with “ln(x)” or “log(x)” leads to an “unknown function in expression” error.

Ok, please read this

And this