Log in screen and communication with user database

Greetings people.

As the title says, I have a few questions regarding a log in screen and communicating with a user database that is stored on a server.

This is the screen that is displayed when the game is launched:

So once the “Create Account” is clicked would be it possible for unreal to open an external webpage?

My colleague has created a website with a user database. How would I be able to make unreal communicate with the server login database and check to see if the log in details are correct?

I’m not sure how difficult this would be to achieve but I really do hope that it is achievable using blueprints.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, I’ve made a little progress. nothing to do with server stuff just tinkering around.

I’ve made two string arrays, one named “Usernames” and the other named “Passwords”.
UserArray.JPG b0134dc2f07bc347c74c135705f5b5bf0510cf37.jpeg
As you can see each array is is filled with test user information.
The index of each element is important. So “user1” is set to index number 0 and “password1” is set to index 0… you’ll see why.

I’ve made an integer variable named “UserIndex” and a string variable named “UserPWIndex”.
The editable boxes that the user types in to are named “UsernameBox” and “PasswordBox”.

So when the user clicks the “login” button the blueprint checks to see if the username that was typed in is contained inside the “Usernames” array.
If true it sets the index number of that username to the “UserIndex” variable.
Then it uses that index number to find the corresponding password in the “Passwords” array and sets it to the “UserPWIndex” variable.
Then it its runs the condition that if the value of the “UserPWIndex” is the same as the password that the user typed in then it is set to true which will grant the user access.

Here is the BP:

Now I know its not what I need… but its progress.
I’m wondering if I am able to have the “Usernames” and “Passwords” arrays set inside an external excel document on a server that the blueprints can read and get the information from.

If anyone has any thoughts or input then please don’t hesitate! I’d really appreciate it.


I use VaRest for my Login System

Ahh that’s what I’m looking for!

Thanks a lot!