Log in issue with Firefox

I’ve been suggested to improve or remove the CAPTCHA system. It drives me crazy.
Today, I was going to log in, but I couldn’t. The password is correct, and I guess it is because of CAPTCHA!
Fortunately, I’m logging in on Chrome, so I can write this article, or it was impossible. I also tried to send a message to Epic support, and it also asked me CAPTCHA. Of course, logging in failed.
Has anybody had the same issue?

I am using Firefox right now to write this - I use Ublock - NoScript - Facebook container and some other addons and it’s been fine. I just have to make sure I accept the scripts and I normally block all the google spyware crap - nothing special - I am using the latest version of FF.

Add + One thing you can do if you are using these addons that I am using is reset them / update them, and make sure your block lists are up to date.

Compared to most sites these days Epic has a very clean site, it only requires Epic related things and cloud front.