Loft Interior Design UE4.11.2

Hello All,

This is my last project on Unreal Engine 4.11.2

All comments are welcome!


Any comments to improve my job!?


The bloom is a bit excessive and needs to be toned down a bit.

Make sure wood grain goes down the longest side of the wood, there’s a few spots where the grain is perpendicular or not following the angle of the wood.

You should use a planar reflection or a cube reflection capture actor for that mirror, it’s obviously warped because it’s using a sphere capture.

Probably should use super sampling on the screen shots to get rid of aliasing. and take some larger screen shots.

Something about the metal beams material/texture looks off. Looks too dark for being painted black.

It could use a bit more personality or pops of color, I like white, but it’s a bit too much right now.

Could use some points of interest or design features that stand out.

I like where this is going and modern is my favorite style to design with, however a couple of notes:

-As mentioned above the bloom is way too high, its washing out a lot of the image.
-Change the wood texture or color on the desk. In image 3 the colors of the wood are much to similar.
-As a design feature I don’t think there would be an exposed I beam painted or not. Perhaps case those with wood :slight_smile:
-Missing a railing for the stairs and the loft. Try using a metal frame with cables on the interior, nice clean modern look.
-Add a hood vent above the stove
-I would change the color of the counter tops to a black granite or quartz to add some dimension to the kitchen.

I know that sounds like a lot but overall it looks really nice, just missing some finer details right now :slight_smile:

Thanks ZacD for comments, i’ll update it!

Thanks Irkie500 for your coments!!
I’ll try to update some of your comments!

Hello ZacD,

When you say: “Probably should use super sampling on the screen shots to get rid of aliasing. and take some larger screen shots.” where i can activate the super sampling?

You work very well . The designing of interior house looks superb .