Loft Animation From 3ds Max to UE4

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Trying to export/import an animated loft from 3ds Max into UE4 via FBX.
Helix loft animated from nothing to full path with keyframes at 0/0%, 300/100%, and 400/100% in Max.
Exported via FBX, but see no animation at set keys.

3ds Max:


No animation appears in the animation editor.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance.
Thank you!


As far as I know, FBX does not support this kind of animation and I think, please correct me if I am wrong, FBX → Unreal Pipeline is for Skeletal Animation only, maybe some rigid body but I have never done it before.

You could try to use Morph Targets. I am not entirely sure how to export them from Max, but there is more information in the following links