Lods not switching when I press play

The lods in my tree doesn’t switch when in play mode, it works fine when i move around the in the viewport and when im at the mesh editing window, but when i press play the tree stays always at lod 0 doesnt matter the distamce i am from it

Silly question maybe, but if you click the tree mesh in the level and look in the details, have you accidentally chosen a fixed LOD?

Actually I found out the problem, when I was on play mode the distance I had to be from the object was much bigger than the distance I had to be when editing for the lods to switch

ii don’t really know why tho, the temporary solution I found was to set a bigger screen size, it’s not perfect, because to be able to see the auto lods switch to the high resolution version in the mesh editor I have to almost get inside the mesh, but at least now I can see the lods change when in play mode

Ok, it’s not related to distance from object. It’s proportion of screen the object is occupying.

Oh ok, I did realize that thanks a lot man

■■■■ I’m stupid, it’s called screen size for a reason right haha