LODs for Sides of screen?

I’m wondering if there is a way through BP or whatever means to have LODs show up on the right and left sides of your screen, instead of just whatever is in front of you?

LOD calculation is based on distance, and as such it works on sphere concept. Eg only distance is what matters to simplify and speed up calculations. I get what you mean. There is source of engine on GitHub so you are free to modify it to suit our needs. If you have problems with meshes popping into view you can increase mesh BoxSphereBounds to make that mesh stay visible for longer at the expense of more meshes being drawn.

It’s actually based on the screen space size of an object, though distance can be used in some cases I think.

Cameras have a setting that allows LODing depending on FOV

I was just thinking if I could manage to have a relatively realistic blur around the edges of my screen so that objects are already not completely seen, the LODs and objects that are even close to the player can be even a fraction of a standard LOD…

If you can maybe read my above reply so you can have a better understanding just in case, you think that modifier could do that? Could you link it?