LODs + Blender


We have a serious problem with our meshes. As I read, it isn’t possible to import LODs from Blender into the UE4, but we have to create LODs somehow, to get the performance that we want. The question (Link at the bottom) was posted around 1 month ago, so has anything changed in the Beta 4 (I havent found anything, but probably it’s just hidden somewhere ^^)?


Hi Philipp,

Since the current method is to bring it all in at once and Blender does not have LOD groups, we are changing the way it will work. The plan for LODs is to eventually put in an “Import LOD” button on you meshes that will allow you to have the LODs brought in separately from the model. You will still be able to bring them in all at once. This will not be implemented until all the kinks are worked out. This is a high priority for us, but until it is completed Rocket will not be Blender friendly with LODs.

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Thank you for your answer.

Is there probably a estimated release date of this feature?

I am hesitant to give any solid date on this, since it is in development and not thoroughly tested. It is high priority, but if a hiccup caused us to not meet the deadline, I would feel bad for misleading you.

Right now the only answer I can give is a “future release of Rocket”.

Alexander, you can named the lods models like same you name the collision mesh UCX_NameModel?

I recall there being a naming convention for LODs in UE3 but I can’t remember if it was just something our studio wrote or not. And I can’t find any documentation on such a naming convention here.