Lods and Ligtmap UV overlapping problems

Im getting Lightmap UVs are overlapping by 50% errors on a lodded plant object. Its fine without lods though. Ive tried all sorts of settings but I cant get rid of these errors unless I delete the lod object.
Interestingly in Maya i`ve checked it only has 8 triangles, and unreal is say it has 16?!
Anyone got any ideas?


That normals for the triangles I get this thing too because unreal decompose the mesh. For UV overlapping problems I got some questions :
Did you unwrap it in maya?
This is your models?

And chage the value “LOD 1” to “auto LOD” ( the 16th button (save,find in the CB,realtime, etc))

I hope help you…


Thanks, yes ive unwrapped both models in maya. They have no overlapping uvs, i`ve checked in maya and in unreal. And I changed it back to auto Lod like you said. But still no good.
And various resolutions of lightmaps arnt making any diffence. strange

Yeah strange…
I have no ideas but I thing you can wait for the 4.8…