LOD Silhouette Importance setting is gone?

Hi! When tweaking LOD Reduction Settings, it now (4.26) seems like Silhouette Importance has been removed ? It was very useful how can I get it backj?


So if I understood well, as of 4.22, Simplygon, which had good reductions features for Static Meshes, including edge preservation, has been deprecated.

But Epic offers their own tools instead, which only work for Skeletal Mesh.
Is there any heavy performance impact if I use Skeletal Meshes as statics ?


Obviously. You should never use skeletal meshes when they aren’t needed.

They also light completely different because they are meant to be dynamic.

You missunderstand.
The tools aren’t deprecated. You can go buy a license and use them if you wish.

The epic team didn’t think this was a good idea for the average developer and included their own version of the LOD tools - which obviously is missing this silhouette feature you are looking for.

Open a static mesh (double click usually), set up the LODs, go into a specific lod and see what reduction options/settings you have avaliable.
You can also set up automated reduction settings to be created on import and a bunch of other nifty things that once weren’t avaliable, so its not a complete loss compared to other updates …

It is a loss for the feature but indeed it seems we can reintegrate it : https://www.simplygon.com/Downloads/

My 2c is do it in a DCC.
Depending on what kind of performance I’m going for, I often do my LODs mannually and import.

There’s really no other way to go from a sculpt to a normal map on stuff like this anyway…

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